SNRIR has organized, on Tuesday, July 2nd, at the Palace of Parliament, a conference on subject of the multi-disciplinary management of the stroke, aiming to emphasize the economic and social impact of the certification of the interventional radiology doctors, that could lead to a 10% in the deaths caused by strokes in the next 18 months, as well as the negative impact on social expenditure for the next 3 years, considering the fact stoke financing will be made according to the number of patients.

The number of thrombectomies performed on ischemic stroke patients has decreased in 2018 with a quarter, compared to the previous year, thus reaching 60 cases. According to Gheorghe Iana, President of SNRIR, this is due to the decrease in funding. Thus, the rate of thrombectomies in Romania is only 0,1%, way below the average rate of the European Union, of 10%.

“There are 80.000 stroke patients. Out of these, there are 64.000 ischemic strocke patients. We get to perform mechanical thrombectomy on 80 patients. The estimation for 2018 was 140 patients, but in fact there were only 60 patients, as the funds were lower and the financial deficit has an impact on the number of treated cases.” said Gheorghe Iana for Agerpres.

“In Romania, the rate of thrombectomies is 0,1%, compared to the 10% rate in the European Union, or to the 15% trend, or the 7% in the Czech Republic. It`s a massive difference between what we should do and what we actually do”, added the SNRIR President.

According to him, 20% of the strike patients die in the first 30 days, while 30% remain bedridden.

The cost of a thrombolysis is approximately 65- EUR/patient, while the cost of a thrombectomy varies between 5.000 and 10.000 EUR.

Approximately 1% can be treated. A doable number in the first year would be 550 patients, so that we could go over the 1%. Important steps were made, but if we have a reality check we`ll see that we haven`t reached half way yet, said Iana.

The latest official records show that 21,6% of the deaths in Romania are caused by strokes.